Bovata Gardens Sanctuary is a 15-acre animal refuge located in Julian, NC.

Our mission is to give neglected, abused and otherwise unwanted animals a high-quality lifetime home in a healthy and loving environment. We also work with other animal welfare groups to provide foster homes for animals in transition, and we provide outreach and education to the general public to advocate for animal rights and improving animal welfare laws. 

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare, rescue and outreach organization. 

Would you like to help support our mission for the animals? Your tax-deductible donation can be made by contacting us, or you can donate by clicking the button below.


News From The Farm

November 21st 2014:

Please meet Miss Mollie and her story....

November 9th 2014:

We are currently FULL here at Bovata Gardens; with 12 cats, 2 dogs, and 9 puppies. We are fundraising to expand our operations, and as soon as we are able to take in more animal friends we will post it here.

October 31 2014:

This afternoon, rescue dog Miss Mollie had puppies, 8 of them! This was a very unexpected surprise to us, as she was scheduled for spaying next week. This was also quite a surprise to our veterinarians at Forest Oaks Animal Hospital where she was boarded for two weeks after being rescued from Sandy Ridge and released by Stokes County Animal Control in September. Apparently "herding" dogs are really good at hiding things-including being pregnant! This gives light to the necessity of spay/neutering and responsible pet ownership in our society. We're currently planning a fundraiser/puppy adoption drive, please check back for more news as well as puppy pictures and "Mollie's Story" soon! 

October 20 2014:

On behalf of Bovata Gardens and all the animals here, we'd like to give many thanks to the Julian Price Family Foundation for their kind grant!! This grant will go directly to pay for the vet bills, housing needs, and food for the animals recently pulled from a Stokes County neglect case that we're currently fostering. These funds also helped us to build our first dog kennel. Please see our photo page for pictures!

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